About Anar Creations

Anar Creations was founded by Faranak Nourbakhsh and Shirin van Rooijen. They are mother and daughter and both have a passion for design and art. Faranak is both an architect and an artist and Shirin is a graphic designer. Together they form Anar Creations.

Anar Creations designs modern patterns with it’s own signature. The collection is made of a colourful abstract designs. Their inspiration is found in various cultures with influences from both the Western and the Eastern world. All designs are unique, contemporary and expressive.

Shirin van Rooijen

Shirin van Rooijen was born in Delft in 1986. She was trained as a graphic designer at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam and worked at various design studios in Holland before working for herself in Utrecht.

With a Persian mother and a Dutch father she has lived in Holland and Canada. Her multicultural background makes her look at the world in a very open and curious way. For her art is found everywhere. All the objects, people and landscapes around her are a source of inspiration in her work. With her passion for art and culture, special designs arise through often unexpected moments.

“As a designer I go back to my roots.”

Faranak Nourbakhsh

Faranak Nourbakhsh is a versatile architect and artist. Born in Tehran and trained as an architect and painter in Paris at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts she worked in various architectural firms in Paris, Toronto and the Netherlands. Together with her husband Faranak has her own architectural firm under the name Van Rooijen Architecten.

Together with her daughter Shirin she has started the brand Anar Creation. It gives Faranak the opportunity to fully express her passion for art and design in addition to her work as an architect. Her rich Persian background is a great source of inspiration in her work.

“Good design makes you open up and say YES! “