About Anar Creations

Passion for design and art is the basis of our creations. Our designs are based on different patterns combined with bold colour combinations, which give them a personal and unique character.

Anar Creations is a design studio of the Dutch graphic designer Shirin van Rooijen and her mother, the Persian-Dutch architect and artist Faranak Nourbakhsh.

Their collections of scarves, carpets, cushions and posters are inspired by both cultures that are fused together. Each design is a unique piece of art based on our paintings and drawings. The results are intriguing designs where modern goes hand in hand with tradition. In an intuitive design process the colours and traditional motifs and patterns taken from the rich Persian and Dutch heritage are transformed into unique contemporary designs.

Shirin van Rooijen – Designer & Director

Shirin van Rooijen is born in Delft, the Netherlands in 1986. She has a degree of graphic design from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. During her study she worked at different design companies.

With her multicultural background she sees the world as her backyard. Her ideas come from everything she sees around her. Art is everywhere and you don’t have to go far to get inspired. Passion for art and design is in her blood. In her designs she is influenced by her Dutch and Persian background.

Anar Creations is Dutch design with oriental influences, run by mother and daugther. With Anar Creations Shirin wants to give the world new products.

“As a designer and entrepeneur I go back to my roots.”

Faranak Nourbakhsh – Designer & Director

Faranak Nourbakhsh is an architect and painter, born in Tehran (1958). She studied in Paris at the UPA 1 and Ecole des Beaux-Arts. After working at architectural firms in Paris, Holland and Toronto she set up her own firm in Holland, together with her husband, Van Rooijen Architecten.

Anar Creations is for her an opportunity to express her love for patterns which comes from her rich Persian background.

Working with her daughter is an inspiring and pleasant experience. Together they explore the different possibilities in the field of design.

“Good design makes you open up and say YES! “